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About Us

Welcome to Xnnovation® Security Solutions

Xnnovation is a Security Technology Solutions company that is committed to providing you with the best solutions in Key and Asset Tracking Services, Key and Asset Management and Electronic Locker Cabinet. 

For more than 2 decades, Xnnovation has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing innovative high security asset tracking solutions to people, places and organizations globally.

Adhering to the world’s most stringent standards, Xnnovation high security solutions are at work by relying on the excellence of its products, to complete array of professional services of superior quality in the realization of industrial, institutional and automation projects.

Using advanced and patented technologies products, Xnnovation will stay a step ahead of the market by anticipating customers’ security and operational needs.

We have developed extensive experience in the fields of systems technology consulting and project management with a team of professionals that executes contracts according to the most rigorous quality and integrity standards. Our particular efforts in respecting each project's budget and deadline, combined with the importance awarded to the ergonomics of each system reflect the competence and experience of our professionals.

We at Xnnovation, have earned a reputation for excellence in its field and keep evolving to stay ahead.

Our mission: To help Small, Mid-Sized or Large businesses to protect their assets with the best solutions, by focusing on making technology flexible, accessible, easier to use and be able to know at all time Who, What, Why, When, Where.


1. ISO 9001-2008 (Ecos Systems, Germany and Logimatiq Systems, France)
2. SAM - System for Award Management Contract Holder for Federal Gov. of United States
3. WAWF - Wide Area Workflow Holder for the Department of Defense
4. NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization Official Contract Holder for Commercial and Government Entity