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mechanical key management

MECHANICAL Key and dealer plate Management Systems

Xnnovation Security Innovative Key Cabinets, Wall Boards and Dealer Plate Control offer a sturdy and affordable security solution to your key and plate control needs.

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Xnnovation Security is proud to present you these Key and Dealer Plate Control Systems.

Safer than any simple storage on the market, these Mechanical Key or Asset storage system will release 1 or more objects such as Keys, Dealer Plates, Pad Locks only with an authorized access unique peg per user. Since objects are locked on the cabinet, lost is a problem of the past.

So, whether you are a Multi-Unit Housing Development, Government Facility, Gaming Casino, Bank, Hospital,
Automobile Dealership, Jewelry Store, or Airline, 
Xnnovation Corp. can modify and custom design specific software or equipment to conform to the needs of each individual customer.