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Smart Industrial Vending Machine [IVM] (Division of Xnnovation Canada) are format for dispensing everything from tools, safety supplies, boxes to key ring. So, whatever your business may be, these Smart Industrial Vending Machine will provides the most pragmatic and affordable inventory control solution in the industry with our Inventory or Asset Management Software solutions.
Unlimited market applications: Medical, Office, Industrial, Weapons, Media, Jewelry, Key Ring, Electronics, Tools, Mail, Etc.

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Smart Industrial Vending Machine [IVM] (Division of Xnnovation Canada) specialize in the conception, manufacturing and integration of all types of Automated Systems.

Depending on your specifications, our Smart Industrial Vending Machine [IVM] can also integrate all payment system types (Bank Card, Membership Card, Bill Acceptor, Pre-Payment Card), for the automatic distribution of products or services.
With more then 35 different reports in PDF or Excel, the Administration will always be up-to-date.

Several types of smart industrial vending machines are currently available for:

These Smart Industrial and Automated Vending Machines [IVM] can be used for all types of product or items of different sizes without the need for staff intervention and protects any object from unauthorized access by requiring security codes.

Our Mission: Know Who, What, Why, When, Where is the Key or Asset are at all time.