Armed Forces

ARMED FORCES - Xnnovation provides the best way to maintain visibility of important keys and assets by storing and tracking valuables or dangerous items in electronic storage cabinets or lockers to prevent them from unauthorized access. We offer the possibility to manage all in one system (keys and objects combined in one stem) and offer on all our products, Enable / Disable double authentication that allow the users to check if they have permission to that particular object upon login. Our Web-interface or our SQL server module allows you to manage your system from your office and integrate your cabinets with the Access Control and HR systems. Fully flexible modular system, expandable now and in the future is our mission.


AUTOMOTIVE - With Xnnovation systems, controlling your keys has never been easier - you will be able to decide who has access to each key and receive real-time data regarding who took what, when and for which purpose. To allow a smooth operation of your business, the Xnnovation cabinets can be easily integrated with the majority DMS systems saving you valuable setup time. By using our included Time and Attendance software (“Start of work”, or “End of work”), the administration can keep track of time worked by employees or time worked on projects.

Automotive Fleet

AUTOMOTIVE FLEET - Every dealership or fleet has the same task: monitoring lots of vehicles, keeping an eye on the mileage and always knowing where the car keys are. Every event and movement is logged in the cabinet, not only keys but also user actions. The main office administrator can view and search the log either on the touch screen at the cabinet or remotely using a web browser from his computer or laptop. Multiple users can have simultaneous reservations for the same key or box for the same time period. The terminal’s lockup function enables the users to lock a box or a key permanently for a certain period of time.


BANKS - Who is guarding your safe and safety deposit box keys? Do you have control over who can take each key? Do you have records of every use of a key? So when it comes to safety deposit box, controlling your keys is important and protecting them is crucial. With Xnnovation, we provides the highest level of security to your assets as each key is secured in a sealed compartment or in an open cabinet where every transaction is captured by a dedicated video camera and electronic log report.


EDUCATION - With the large number of entrances and exits in a building, Xnnovation offers a safe place to store the keys and items of these doors, because unwanted visitors (vandals or burglars) can be easily avoided by having a safe place to keep your asset such as keys or CB radio to any entrances to the campus. Our products are able to define, limit asset permissions for users and manage up to 960 keys, but more cabinets can be connected to a nearly unlimited number and can be controlled and configured from a central office. With 14 different languages to choose from, Xnnovation systems are used worldwide.

Government Agencies

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES - With our key and asset management systems, you will always have up-to-date information about your objects due to the embedded industrial Windows PC or our exclusive military strong Linux software . Our software interface allows users with the proper permission, to know which key is available to them via the terminal or through the Web-Interface. In all our products, we use the most advanced micro-electronic devices and high-tech equipment. Xnnovation products are made to AS-9100 Aerospace requirement and ISO-9001 to give our systems the confidence you need..


HOSPITALS - Rx Systems - Safe, Smart and Efficient Medication Dispenser -- The Rx Systems is an innovative medication dispenser for securing and controlling the use of sensitive drugs. The system consist of sealed compartments, where each contain one unit of drug for higher security and better control. A simple platform manages the access of each user to stored drugs according to personal authorization while each transaction is automatically documented in an automated close loop management transaction log which stores what user took which drug and for which patient. Designed with huge capacity in extremely slim structure, our system save valuable space at surgery rooms and pharmacies.


HOTELS - Xnnovation solutions provide complete control of your facilities. Our key or asset management systems have plenty of advantages, such as the flexibility of combining key positions and boxes within one system, and where you can get Real-time transaction through the Web-Interface plus give remote permissions for users. Our products help the hotel business reduce costs of lost keys and offer clients higher security. We offer our Reservation Management Systems which is useful for the users to reserve keys and boxes for a time period in 14 different languages where the change is made on the home screen.

Law Enforcement

LAW ENFORCEMENT - When you have so many valuable objects such as keys, guns, radios and others, controlling who can take what and hold them accountable becomes a burden. Our premium asset management systems allows you to secure all your valuable objects and then manage the access of individuals according to personal authorization.


MANUFACTURING - Xnnovation managing tool supply chain solutions which includes inventory, warehouse operations, procurement and keys to users, can provide considerable benefits and cost savings to the customer. By selecting our automated dispenser, it will lead to productivity gains and significant cost reductions by controlling keys or assets of your choice. We deliver to each customer a tailored solution based on a comprehensive tool and process audit, so you can define the scope of services and targets, and then formulate a plan that will achieve tangible benefits. Xnnovation offer a wide range of automated tool dispensers, offering the widest selection of spaces options and largest storage capacity suitable for a variety of cutting tools and related commodities.

Property Management

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Having responsibility over someone else's property is a serious matter – controlling who has access to each property key is a daily task which often requires implementation of smart key cabinets. Due to intelligent key management system, you will always know where your property keys are and who is using them. You will be able to define group, limit key permissions for users, sub-contractor or the security guard. One cabinet can manage up to 960 keys but more cabinets can be connected together so the number of keys are unlimited, which can be controlled and configured from a central property office using the Web-interface.