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Electronic Key Management Systems are Hi-Tech Compact, Secure and Intelligent storage solutions that are designed to protect your keys with a capacity to hold from 10 to 10,000 unique ID plugs which attach to your key set. Protect your keys. They are your most valuable asset !

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Electronic Dispenser and Locker Systems are an advanced combination of Key and Asset Locker dispenser that allows the user the retrieval and return of objects. Each object is uniquely identified, therefore, the usage and down times can be determined individually.
Unlimited market: Medical, Office, Industrial, Weapon and Ammunition, Media, Jewelry, Keys, Electronics, Tools, Mail, Etc.

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Mechanical key and dealer plate management system

Our Innovative Key Cabinets, Wall Boards and Dealer Plate Control offer a sturdy and affordable security solution to your key and plate control needs. Cabinet and Board are constructed from .063 Aluminum which is rugged, light-weight and rustproof. They are powder coated in a texture grey for easy cleaning. Cabinet, Wall Board and Dealer Plate Control can be wall mounted.

The locking key cabinets are available in 30 locking key system, 50 locking key system, 100 key locking systems and 160 key locking system with individual key holder locks. All cabinets or boards include key holders, user access keys, master keys, versa tags (ID tags) Operating manual and 1 year limited warranty.

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CAR and fleet manageMENT system

Organize the time-effective use of your resources. The Car and Fleet Management systems module is mainly used for the administration of vehicle´s keys, conference and seminar rooms and the output of electronic devices. In this way, the time-bound issue of keys and tools or the use of premises for different teams can be reliably controlled. In the event of a timeout, alarm messages ensure that the control center or users will be informed immediately.

With our systems, you can activate any asset of your choice for the reservation module. When reserving drawers and lockers, content control is made possible by attaching RFID stickers to the corresponding objects.

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Security Guard Activity Manager organizes personnel activities and helps company trace at any time and in any place, employees using navigation technology (GPS), buildings (WiFi) and NFC for their place of action.

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