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Xnnovation Corp. has been designing and manufacturing Electronic Asset Management Systems (EAMS) for many years, offering products that have proven to be a reliable and integral part of security and asset management. Over time, particularly with repetitive use of the moving parts, some parts may need repairing or replacing. It is also common for customers to require additional support, particularly for some of the more advanced features of the software.

A Optional Maintenance Agreement is the best way to secure peace of mind for the entire life span of your product. Every business and environment is unique so Xnnovation offers a range of packages to suit every client. These packages can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

Our highly trained group of support representatives is available to provide standard software phone support 18/6 for the first 365 days after a system is installed. We also offer Optional maintenance agreement.


Our Qualified Certify Subcontractor Technicians can intervene anywhere:
Canada: 24 Locations (100 Tech)
United-States: 275 Locations
Mexico: 15 Locations (25 Tech)

Central America: On Demand
South America: On Demand

A. Maintenance

During a regular or preventive maintenance the technician checks:

The mechanical movements, the tightening torques, the lubrication and the state of wear of the mechanical parts. The usage voltages, the state of the electronic boards, the values ​​of the emergency batteries and the off-load behavior, the state of the connectors, connections, major components and configuration.

B. Troubleshooting

After each intervention, a detailed "response report" is given to the customers. It allows the technicians to follow up on incidents or parts replaced during the intervention.

C. Training

Our technicians can train you "On-Site" or "On-Line with "Any Webinar of your choice".

* On-Site Training is a chargeable fee. We have training all across the Americas.

Please contact us at +1 450.300.0252

These SERVICE AGREEMENT allows you to benefit from various services:

1. Priority telephone support:

- For commissioning your key cabinet and installing your software
- For help or training for optimal use of the different functions of the software or the cabinet
- For an analysis and a diagnosis of the various incidents, as well as the resolution of the possible breakdowns


3. aDDITIONAL 2 to 10 yrs long care WARRANTY to ensure compatibility AND PEACE OF MIND

4. A shipment by a "fast service" carrier of your spare parts WITHING 48 TO 72 HRS